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Wellness Retreats

Health is our Passion

Join our life changing wellness retreats in the Riviera Maya Mexico.


Eat Healthy

Premium, healthy meals will satisfy your taste. Eating right is not a burden but a reward. Detox juice and nutritional medicine.


With dedication, you can bring meditation into the way you live life, and realize your goals in a healthy, peaceful and intuitive manner.

Yoga Mexico Retreat

When you control your body’s balance with regular yoga practice, you attain control and balance of what you say, think, and feel.

Locations for group-wellness retreats in Mexico.

For solo or pairs retreats please inquire here.

Your Host: Juan Rendon.

I dedicate to study the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. I thrive on serving others and do so with a generous heart. I also participate in the local community with a leadership program for students. Read more about me, about Life Synergy wellness retreat, about our Wellness Program or feel free to get in touch!

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