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Life Synergy wellness retreats provide clients with an integrative health program. Our wellness retreats are determined to balance the main spheres of life. Implementing yoga and meditation, as well as nutritional and emotional intelligence, we are dedicated to set goals to achieve balance. Complemented with accommodation in the gorgeous Mayan Riviera, allowing you to immerse yourself and appreciate an exclusive experience in paradise. We thrive for ethical practice and professionalism. We believe these two business principles should be common-sense oriented.

Possibly one of the best areas in Mexico and the world. Opposite to the negative image created by the media, Mexico has areas as safe as first-world cities. Due to many millions invested in the area, the government has made it a priority to take good care of it.

Our locations connect clients with a rare, native vibe that is only possible to experience at a premier archaeological site in Mexico. The ruins of Tulum, the world marvel Chichen Itza, Coba, are some of the most important Mayan highlights.

At our Villas, clients have close access to geologic phenomena such as naturally formed sinkholes that expose the groundwater underneath. Known by locals as “cenotes”, the formations of these paradise water caves attract explorers and divers from around the world.

People from several countries are attracted to explore the marvels under water, swim peacefully with whale sharks and dolphins, or snorkel in nearby reefs surrounded by parades of colorful, diverse fish. These are some of the main reasons we settled our home here.

Our wellness retreats inspire guests to transform habits, for a life-changing experience with the aim of an everlasting healthy lifestyle.


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