Apple Kombucha

For kombucha lovers who want to take it to the next level. Try this recipe and you will be surprise of such a tasty, fizzy, and healthy treat.

Blend with one litter of spring water:

2 whole peeled limes, 1 apple and 1 cm of ginger.

Process until smooth, then filter the pulp/fiber and add the clean liquid to your fermented kombucha. (filtering works best with a nut-milk bag). Leave it over the counter in a sealed bottle for about 8 hours and the probiotics will FEAST on the sugars from the apple and also ferment the apple, giving your drink a little twist of cider taste and a good fizz.

*It will keep fermenting even in the fridge, if you don’t drink it right away just open it every couple of days to prevent any explosions.

What to do with the remaining pulp? … if you bake you can add it to your dough, if not also you can add a little bit of brown sugar, honey and coconut oil for a facial scrub. Or sometimes I make a tea with whatever fiber I end up with from the kombucha infusions.

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