This particular refreshing smoothie is an excellent remedy for joint inflammation. The silica in cucumber is known to help promote joint health by strengthening the connective tissues. The essential fatty acids and vitamin E in avocado can promote cartilage repair. Ginger compounds are one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory remedies, also preventing some cancers. Basil has been shown to relieve inflammation as much as some over-the-counter anti inflammatory drugs. Kiwi’s seeds contain alpha linoleic acid, a great anti-inflammatory. Anthocyanin content in the cranberries helps fight inflammation. Lime has a high content of vitamin C, as well as ALL the other ingredients, some in lesser amounts but all these different sources of vitamin C work together in synergy with collagen to lubricate your joints and enhance repair. Sea salt is added for taste and for a good fluid balance in the cells.

1 cucumber
2 limes
½ avocado
1 kiwi
1 cubic centimeter ginger
5 Basil leaves
2 cups of ice
2 cups of water
Sea salt sprinkle (1/2 teaspoon)
1 spoon collagen powder
Dried cranberries sparingly
(Makes two portions… so share!)

Directions: mix everything in a blender except the cranberries (and one slice of kiwi if you want to garnish it); add collagen a few seconds before the blending is done. The avocado will give this smoothie a nice creamy consistency and the cranberries will float stable around your smoothie giving you something sweet to chew as you enjoy… for a good sweetness tangy twist.
Remember to ENJOY! There is also some magic within this!

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