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This powerful seeds  are native to Mexico and were used by Aztec warriors to give them strength and endurance. Here are six reason why is little friends should never be missing from your pantry:

  1. They are one of nature’s highest antioxidant foods, which speed up the skin’s repair systems and prevents premature aging due to inflammation and free radical damage.
  2. One serving provides the recommended daily fiber intake. Fiber is essential for balancing insulin levels and bowel regularity.
  3. A prebiotic, supporting the growth of probiotics in the colon.
  4. Can curb hunger and assist in weight loss efforts. High levels of zinc also help your body increase leptin, a key hormone that regulates energy and appetite.
  5. High in alpha-linoleic acids, and omega-3 fatty acid that reduces inflammation in the body.
  6. Excellent source of plant protein.


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