How can you possibly get high (on life), cure golfer and tennis elbow, have energy to swim 75 minutes 5x/week plus run 9km 4x/week, and keep it up for months?! Even spotted a couple of gray hairs go back to black!

In 2009 I caused myself golfer and tennis elbow for combining medications with a night out with a little tequila. It caused me a reaction where my skin got very dry, only for a few days, nonetheless this was a sign of severe dehydration, and I kept pumping iron, indeed I was in week 5 of a program called P90X that was kind of popular back then. Since everything was dehydrated, including my joints, little did I know that my dry tendons rubbing against each other would get injured, for years to come!

This pushed me to join a yoga teacher training in 2011, where they actually recovered,  but foolishly I returned to the gym after the program and pain returned. At some point it was not even about the pain, but more of a depression about the feeling that it would never go away.

Back in 2014 I had to take test based on connective tissue at SAMK. What called my attention was the part that explained how nutrients ingested end up in the “extracellular matrix” where they float soaking all cells. My deduction was that if I pumped as many micro-nutrients as possible into my extracellular matrix then my cells would have them all readily available to fix any damage in my tendons. Tendons are really hard to heal as they have barely any blood supply.

I started drinking 4 – 5 litters of fresh juice, with an average of 13 different fruits and vegetables, but up to 18 sometimes. In the morning I would drink it all (took about 2 hours to finish it) and right after I would go swimming for 1-2 hours. If I happened to have energy in the afternoon I would run 9 km around Playacar. A key ingredient in the formula I believe is beetroot juice, as it creates a gas that opens up blood vessels increasing circulation, and greatly improving endurance and oxygen uptake.

I must say that I was doing at least 1 hour of meditation before starting the day, and one more before going to sleep. I was not drinking alcohol, which I didn’t miss at all, if I ever sipped alcohol I could feel it bringing me down from my juice high.  Some friends asked me if I was on drugs, as I was just spilling happiness all over the place. I also restrained from any sexual activity, this possibly helped with the exercise program as I felt a high testosterone boost.

Everything felt in perfect balance, a friend told me this could lead to diabetes on the long run. Although I remember adding cactus, which supposedly keeps the blood sugar in balance.

I think the “high”  was due to the effect of the nitric oxide gas generated by the beets, opening up the blood vessels and possibly having more nutrients and sugar reaching the brain. Having a huge amount of antioxidants possibly prevents oxidative damage of sugar.

I have a friend who used to play professional baseball, I was telling him about the super juice that got you feeling like on drugs…”look at this guy,” he thought, “he just wants to convince me so bad to drink this massive amount of juice with the promise to get high”. Though later on he was asking for more saying “when are you gonna make some more of the juice that gives you THE HA!” … “Just take it easier on the onion brotha” he said. Okay, fair enough, fair enough…

There is a Doctor who used to make a micro-nutrient IV infusion, The Myers cocktail, and he was treating  patients with a wide array of diseases and syndromes, patients had to return to him some times once a week, or once a month depending on their symptoms. I believe I was giving myself an oral version of the Myers cocktail, and so in 3 months my tendinitis was gone forever after some stubborn 4 – 5 years giving me trouble. I can now lift whatever I want without any issue.

At some point though I felt addicted, as it drastically changed my day, even if I was just driving to the store barely to buy the ingredients, I already started feeling good just to know it was on its way. Maybe I should at least do it once a week now, just for fun…

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