Playa del Carmen Sunset

Push a little further from habituation. Doing something new everyday beats habituation.

Knock yourself out from mind-machinery. By practicing awareness, one builds freedom from mind-machinery.

Play yourself. You must scavenger for some clue of who you are, in the least amount of words… and combine that with your honest will, in a proactive fashion kinda thing.

You can create a psychological gesture* that can always awaken you when needed. A deep breath, underestimated cliché,  can be a great psychological gesture; nonetheless, any gesture that works for you is fine.

*The psychological gesture developed by Michael Chekhov (used by Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, and Anthony Hopkins)  is basically a gesture that can get you into desired character directly, sort of a personality teleportation.

At expense of this gesture, you can then be whoever you want to be any given moment. There is only one little something to think about, courtesy of Schopenhauer: “Man can do what he wills , but he can rarely will  what he actually wills”

Some Buddhist practices do a sort of psychological gesture to seek light, but they put deities in the desired character, and act accordingly.

Mexico meditation retreat.


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