Food Menu

Our food menu has a specialty for the Umami & Cajun Cuisine. It is focused on these aspects:

  • Nutrient density
  • Delicious flavor (umami)
  • GMO free
  • All-natural ingredients


ENTRIES: Ooh Mami Hummus, Almond Cheese, Marinated quail eggs, Dilly cucumber & jicama with olives, Yucca fries with probiotic-ketchup, Sweet potato croquettes, Chipotle kefir cheese, Truffle Kefir cheese, zucchini tomato tapas.

SOUPS: Coliflower coconut cream, Vegetable soup, Fish and Veggies soup, Buckwheat noodles,Thai Soup, Shiitake Cream.

SALADS: Caprese Salad, Eggplant and goat cheese salad, Greek Salad, Wild rice salad, Mango Salad with sprouts, Mediterranean Salad, Quinoa Salad, Indian Salad, Mixed Sprouts Salad.

OMEGA 3 BALANCED DRESSINGS: Chile Pasilla & hibiscus flower, New Orleans Mix, Coconut & cuban habanero, Simply chipotle, Fine herbs.

MEALS:Tomato Stew fish, Flower of life ceviche, Green ceviche.

BREAKFAST: Omega 3 vanilla kefir with fruit, Matcha kefir cheese with low gluten bread, Organic eggs slowly water-fried over eggplant, Spinach & almond cheese omelette.

DRINKS: Minty ginger lemonade, Carrot & apple juice, Skin booster juice, Protein booster ginger pineapple juice, Protein booster almond ginger milk, Beetroot-Carrot-Celery-Lime juice.

PROBIOTIC ELIXIR BAR: Piña Tibicolada, Ginger Tibico, Refreshing Mint, TibicoCherry kombucha, Ginger TibiKombucha, HybridBlueberry Kombucha, Jun green tea, Ginger TibiJun, HybridJun chamomiled.

PROBIOTIC EXTRAS: Sauerkraut Jalapeño, Sauerkraut Chipotle, Ayurvedic mixed sauerkraut, Zucchini relish, Lactofermented ketchup.

ESSENTIAL ELIXIRS: Garlic cilantro shot, Ginger Tumeric shot, Supergreen shot, Sauer lime Shot, Alkalizer Fix shot, Clove Lymph Aid.

SMOOTHIE BAR: Melon yogurt, Banana chocolate, Mango/banana & matcha, Papaya kombucha, Yogurt-Moringa & Co. sprouts, Bee Power.

DESSERTS: Coconut cheesecake, Fresh carrot cake, Chia puddin, Cashew chocolate icecream, Almond cookies.



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