write that issue in the sand

When I was back in college taking a creative writing class, one of the assignments was to write a haiku, it went like this:

Healing nature

Dark leaves come down, anger.

Blooms give roses, forgiveness.

Human’s need, nature.

Back in that time my parents were divorced already for around six years, time during which my grandmother hated my mother for divorcing my father, her son (though he got caught cheating). It was a time when my grandmother started getting a bit sick, and I would go spend a couple of hours in the afternoon with her. I would show her healing meditations or we would just talk about life. It was a very amusing time. One day I was telling her about the haiku, and the meaning behind it. I said to her something like this: Just like each year has weather seasons, people as well should have seasons, at least once a year they should have a fall, to let fall leaves of anger, grief, bitterness and resentments, and a spring to let bloom forgiveness. If at least once a year people could undergo these seasons, what a different life this would be.

The next time that I came to visit her, we talked as usual, did some self-healing meditations, etc. When I was leaving, my mother came to pick me up, my grandmother noticed and came outside to greet my mother like if nothing had ever happened, and just like she would greet her many years ago: “oh my God, how are you? I haven’t seen you since forever! Do you want to come inside to have a cup of coffee?” My mother was in shock and she told her that maybe on another time after thanking her. When we got in the car she was like: “What in the world did you tell your grandmother?”

Not long after, my grandmother passed away. At her funeral it was strange but I did not feel one bit of sadness but deep peace. People sometimes cry about the could-have’s… but I just came to meet peace and was grateful that I was able to spend time with her those last days of her life.

Never underestimate the power of a few words, they can change somebody’s life.

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