Green Smoothie

Have all the benefits from the greens in this smoothie!

Rice bran is very high in magnesium, yogurt will provide some protein (goat yogurt has the highest protein), hemp protein is usually high in fiber plus the Omega 3 benefits, matcha green tea will give you a very good kick of energy, nutritional yeast is a great source of the vitamin B complex for your nervous system, flaxseed oil is the highest vegetable source of Omega 3, mango is sometimes enough sweetener and it contains some good vitamin A,  avocado is a great way to make the smoothie a sustained source of energy with healthy calories! A hint of detox, yes please spirulina! Blend and enjoy!

1 mango

1 cup yogurt

2 tbs rice bran

3 tablespoons hemp protein powder

2 teaspoons matcha

1 teaspoon spirulina

2 tablespoons flaxseed oil

1/2 avocado

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

hint of honey

**Additional info only for nutrition geeks:

7g of spirulina contain: 4 g of protein, 21% DV of copper, 15% riboflavin, 11% thiamin, iron 11%

Two tablespoons of rice bran contain : 4g protein, Thiamin 51%, riboflavin 5%, Niacin 48%, vitamin b6 57%, pantotghenic acid 21%, folate 4%, vitamin E 7%, iron 29% , magnesium 55%, Phosporus 27%, potassium 12%, zinc 11%, copper 10%, manganese 199%, selenium 6%

Thiamin (b1) helps correct appetite problems.

Riboflavin can act as an antioxidant against free radicals, as well help in metabolism and production of energy.

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