One of the deceivers to enlightenment

is that we see it as something greatly remarkable , when in reality

It can be perceived even in the simplest awareness, in simple observance.

Not defined by money or power, but by mere awareness

of the little ways we fool ourselves, and remain in lag.

Some times observing the way we perform a simple task, we can find how we make it difficult or inconvenient, and this same pattern might be affecting many other of our tasks, creating unnecessary stress and consuming time.

I had my phone stolen without a pass code once, hence I was a little concerned about where all my private stuff ended. I put a lock on the next one, but it locked every 10 seconds, making it extremely inconvenient, and so I had it like that for a couple of years, until while taking a bath a couple of weeks ago I got into the settings and within 30 seconds I changed the lock-time to 30 minutes. I really can’t believe all the stress I could have spared in exchange of literally half-minute of exploring the settings! This makes me wonder how many times we keep living in inconvenience, unaware of the fact that a little tweak could change things radically. Reconsidering everything from time to time might be a healthy habit!

This is, although vaguely, what is meant by a “wrong view of the world”  by Patanjali.  Or so explained by  Gurdjieff as “being like a machine” . We hold unfiltered views in the unconscious, that override our judgement and keep us like a puppet. Awareness is an antidote, just question yourself from time to time the tasks you carry on, you might find you could be doing your life a lot easier, within a tweak!

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