Anti Aging Ceviche

What makes ceviche exceptionally healthy?

When food is cooked under heat it increases its content of AGE’s (advanced glycation end products), which ironical to their acronym, make you age faster, and also prone to degenerative diseases. As fish in ceviche is cooked solely on citric acid, it drastically reduces the content of AGE’s. Here a ceviche recipe.

Tri-citrus ceviche: Mandarin, lemon, and lime.


3 fillets of  a firm white fish cut into small chunks
1 bell  pepper diced into squares
1 spring onion  and green stalk  diagonally sliced
Juice of 3 lemons, one lime,  and 2 mandarins
For ceviche the fish is left to cook in the citrus juice acid for  a minimum of 10 minutes . It is import that the liquid covers the fish to cook equally. Mixed every so often  so that the  juices coat around the surface area of the fish . The meat will begin to go pale as it cooks.
This mix can be left overnight  depending on ones taste  this will break down the texture more and more.
The spring onions were drizzled with apple cider vinegar and left to marinade slightly.
The spring onions, bell peppers and  fresh ground pepper were added just before serving to keep the raw goodness and crunch  of the bell peppers then served on a cup-shaped lettuce leaf like a taco .
ceviche lettuce taco
Enjoy this and many other Anti-Aging foods at our Wellness Retreat Mexico 


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