Life coaching the shadow

The shadow/consciousness infographic

Some life coaches use a technique* that pushes the buttons of the shadow. It is a resource exclusive for use when the positive enhancing techniques have not worked out, and the client insists he is a failure/not worth of love/unable to achieve anything/ you name it! The technique basically pushes the person all the way down to the shadow territory and enhances the negative repression feelings. The person becomes lively aware them, and is pushed down to the bottom of the whirlpool. This would be to validate everything negative the client is saying and enhance it, e.g. “Yes you are a failure… Yes you are the worst…. Yes you should be embarrassed of your feelings they are terrible…” It is an approach as dangerous as stepping on thin ice in the middle of a lake as it may cause the client to walk out the door, in the worst case scenario with suicidal thoughts, hence pre-warning the client about the approach before diving into it is essential and might change the whole experience.

The meditation…

Try to grasp how the shadow FEELS, and from there try to empty yourself out of all the concepts it encloses within. Sometimes all you need is to see it outside of yourself to realize that a belief is actually not true. Writing it down might result particularly helpful for many, as you can actually see it.

*learned about this technique from a life couch I was lucky to meet in Portugal, Leela Sinha.

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