Lycopene molecule

Why is it that according to this study eating pizza twice per week lowered the risk by 59% of certain types of cancer?!

The trans-lycopene contained in tomato, transforms into cis-lycopene with the heat. This increases its bioavailability considerably since it is a smaller molecule.

Added to this, when combined with fat, lycopene greatly increases its absorption if it is combined with fat. I know… pizza rarely contains fat… I know…

Tomato paste is a reduction of tomatoes achieved by boiling tomatoes aproximately 40 minutes. Increasing the concentration of lycopene and improving its molecular composition for human consumption. You can opt for a healthy fat such as olive oil mixed with flaxseed oil and spices and add it to rice, pasta, eggs, sweet potato fries or anything you want!

Two tablespoons of lycopene contain aproximately 14mg of lycopene, the dose with nutritional benefits is usually between 10 and 30mg.

Served in a probiotic ketchup, in our Mexico wellness retreats


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