“Deliberately induced psychotic state”

This was Carl Jung’s words referring to the state achieved by kundalini yoga, which some people describe as a sort of enlightenment and splendid delight, and some others described as a painful ungrateful experience, in the process of reaching such feeling of enlightenment.

Lee Sannella, a Yale medical school graduate, dedicated to explore certain aspects of behavior in relation to religion, philosophy, sex and drugs. He described this kundalini awakening as “a rebirth process as natural as physical birth. It seems pathological only because the symptoms are not understood in relation to the outcome: an enlightened human being”

What is this experience that by some is considered enlightenment and by some others, such as Carl Jung, as madness?

Probably Kundalini awakening is something to be approached with care. That said, enlightenment is not reached only in ONE way. There are many techniques which will either work or not, on an individual basis.

Enlightenment, the word sounds less mystified if we just look at its separate elements

Prefix EN means in or within, /LIGHT(EN)/, and suffix MENT means result of, act of, or place of action… you do the math

If we consider the fact that in the dark we are unaware either pro or against our will, and in the LIGHT we can be aware (as a choice), and use for this sake that the “LIGHT” element in the word enlightenment is synonymous with awareness.

Hence the ACTION of being IN the state of awareness. Or something like: IN/AWARENES/IN/ACTION =EN/LIGHT/EN/MENT

I wouldn’t be able to even figure out a number of people that were once judged as mad, before they could reach the light of their dreams and then seen as superhumans. So enlightenment might seem like madness for some perspectives…


A funny thing I saw the other day…

Charles Chaplin and Einstein

What I admire the most in your art is the universality. You don’t say a word but the whole world understands you” says Einstein to Charles Chaplin. To what he replied “true, but your glory is even bigger: The whole world admires you when nobody understands you”

You don’t have to be understood. Dream, and try!

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