I recently got a little chain of beads in a Hindu store, similar to rosary. They call it mala, and it is used for prayer.  Some yogis repeat a sentence in Sanskrit for each bead count, since I don’t speak Sanskrit it seems a bit nonsense to me. Instead I worked with affirmations. Taking a few breaths and coming to awareness, identifying beliefs of self-sabotage, and then repeating a counterbalancing affirmation.

For example, I started affirming I am happier person every day, and after a dozen times, a self-sabotage belief would come up saying “happiness is limited.” So my next affirmation was that happiness can be cumulative and unlimited (just as you can accumulate as much money as you want), so I continued with “happiness is unlimited” for about a couple dozen times. I then started feeling guilt about a recent decision, and to counterbalance I went on to repeat “I act intuitively and trust my decisions”, until it was relieved.

So you get the idea, when BLACK pops up, you engage in WHITE WHITE WHITE! For the magic to work even more powerful you gotta play with intention. Tony Robbins calls it to speak with “incantations,” when you put intention behind your affirmations. You can call it whatever, what matters is that you make it work for you and adapt it to your personal needs. This is more powerful than you can imagine, almost like instant magic, try for yourself.


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