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Physical Benefits

  1. Most bodywork improves the circulation of blood and lymph.
  2. It relaxes muscles and eliminates spasms.
  3. Massage and bodywork soften tissue, making it more supple and freeing the joints. This creates a fuller range-of-motion so that people move with greater ease and freedom. They also injure themselves less easily and heal faster.
  4. Bodywork helps people feel more relaxed, less physically and emotionally stressed.
  5. Bodywork helps people feel more energetic and diminishes fatigue.
  6. Bodywork can result in people needing less sleep, falling asleep more easily, and improving the quality of sleep
  7. Bodywork often lessens aches and pains, including back problems and headaches.
  8. Bodywork helps undo a wide array of problems resulting from overuse, misuse, spasms, illness, fatigue, aging, poor habits, or the physical strain that various occupations demand. It helps relieve the compensatory mechanisms that develop after surgery, trauma, or injury.
  9. Bodywork increases the flow of energy in the body.
  10. Our wellness retreat comprises an integrative bodywork approach to aim specific needs.



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