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The Pleasure of Meditation

Meditation retreat  options are vastly varied, as there are many kinds of meditation, but in general they are all oriented towards the same goal: realization of the individual. To meditate is to be a witness, without grappling for control. We are conditioned to be in control, hence it becomes difficult for people to surrender oneself in a meditation retreat and just let go of the thoughts and emotions we don’t need.

The cells in our body get addicted to stress hormones discharged with toxic emotions. The cells get overstimulated until they don’t react anymore, limiting the body’s ability to process the healthy enzymes and micro-nutrients.
Good diet is a key factor to enhance the benefits achieved in a meditation retreat. Decreasing blood toxins that reach your brain and unsettle mind. Yoga helps you achieve control of your body, decreasing physical challenges during your practice of meditation. It is said that the practice of yoga started mainly as a way to condition the body to sit and meditate, this explains why so often they go hand-by-hand.

High Stress = Raised Cortisol Levels

Awareness practice = Decreased Cortisol Levels

The meditation retreat practice is much like going to the gym to build muscle. Little by little you can feel something is building up in the clarity of your mind, this can be appreciated in the eyes, and as well your facial expressions relax. Your life feels lighter and your physical body more comfortable.

Nowadays, a meditation retreat can be suggested even for businessmen and entrepreneurs. As they suggested in the show Business Matters from World of Business Ideas: It is proven that people with lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels tend to be more successful.

Athletic performance can improve as well, as the body’s ability to repair is enhanced when less cortisol is present. Also by being more aware of your sport practice you are less prone to injuries since you learn to listen to your body, and also by being less reactive to the ambition of an unbalanced ego.

It is said that Buddha would spend a long time meditating. Afterwards, he would walk a few steps and get back to it again. When he was asked about his walk, he claimed he was trying to remain in silence, even when walking. Reaching clarity while meditating is the first step, keeping it through life is the final step.

With dedication, you can bring the benefits to your daily life and possibly stop being led unconsciously by random thoughts.


“Pleasure is, and must remain, a side effect or by-product, and is destroyed and spoiled to the degree to which it is made a goal in itself.” Viktor E. Frankl.


“If without effort you remain loosely in the natural state.” Tilopa


“I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?” Hermann Hesse


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