Two of the most POWERFUL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY foods in the world!

I was visiting one of the best doctors in Mexico for Immune disorders and head of the UANL hospital in Monterrey, Dr. Dionicio Galarza; and I was so happy to see a bottle of pills called “curcuminoids” on his desk. When I ask about them he told me “curcuma is scientifically proven to regulate the immune system” … We are talking about top of the shelf doctor here!

HOW-TO take this medicine quick and EASY?

What I do is mince some ginger and curcuma (or use powdered if you wish) and put on a cup of boiling water with a chamomile teabag, Triple treat for inflammation. I can handle it perfectly on an empty stomach, if it is too strong for you, you can add some almond milk. Hint of honey? why not!

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