-Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s concious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.-*

Ever since we are kids we are told do’s and don’ts of what is supposed to be. A vicious circle develops little by little as some of our repressed innate drives start to build the shadow we enclose within. It is the core of our passions that we keep in a dark place of the unconscious mind with a guilt  label. Often it has a sexual connotation as it is one of the strongest of human drives.

There is one master key to access the shadow without (generally) harming anyone: comedy. Whatever you feel your shadow is most heavily charged with, you can look up some stand up comedy about the subject, and drastically ease the burden just by looking at a humorous perspective. Comedians are usually good shadow managers. It makes a world of difference to expose your shadow in a comedic way. You might not succeed when first exposing your shadow, but you will definitely tune it up little by little. It takes some practice.

-The truth of the matter is that the shadow is ninety percent pure gold. Whatever has been repressed hold a tremendous amount of energy, with a great positive potential.-*
-It becomes pathological only when we assume that we do not have it, because then it has us.-*

If you keep blocking your shadow it will not go anywhere but rather just accumulate and could at some point of weakness cause damage. Managing our shadow should be like horseback riding, where we control which way we direct the powerful animal… as powerful as the shadow.

Now imagine this paradoxical meditation, as chaotic as it sounds. Play visualizing a few situations in which you feel as if you are  (spiritually) clogged

Your dark side as a tool to touch dharma:

Picture your shadow transparent to public awareness, and embrace it all the way.

If you figure your self to be intention-transparent you will have to deal with each situation in a way to eradicate self-corruption… and hence light!


-*Quotes from Carl Jung-

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