My mother’s husband, is somewhat pre-diabetic but keeps his blood sugar controlled with a good diet, vitamins and minerals. He recently got a problem with three herniated disks, for which I recommended my mother to give him lots of pineapple for its high bromelain content to help with inflammation, but she told me though that pineapple is one of the fruits he cannot eat as it has plenty of sugar. Nonetheless the highest concentration of bromelain is contained in the stem core of the fruit, which many people foolishly throw away. The center of the pineapple is very dense fiber and has much lower content of sugar.  You can blend only the center with some water, and strain it for a precious anti-inflammatory juice, you can add some lime for a pH balancing kick. You can also add this to your kombucha and that way you can store it for some weeks in the refrigerator for a readily available elixir (probiotics and acidity prevent spoilage). Bromelain is also known for its ability to break down proteins, so it will help digesting your protein meals. Long live the pineapples!

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