Progreso Sunset

Ways of living… like passengers. They come and go.

Each opposes a certain resistance to stay, but only in a time-matter.

Each craving comes with less force,

until  only a subtle voice remains… less often,

as a suggestion to retake a habit, a vice, or a virtue in the same fashion.

We are like vessels holding up a passenger telling us how to feel, what to do, where to go. If we are hosting a good passenger we might feel the greed to keep it or the fear to lose it; and if it is a bad passenger we might wonder when it will leave.

The other day I was complaining about the sun (which I have contraindicated), and my friend (who happens to be a mayan healer) told me: “Everybody complains about the Father Sun, I don’t understand why everybody complains about the Father Sun, it is wonderful to have it!” Truth be told, right the next day I stopped looking at the super hot Caribbean Sun that I could barely handle, and started to enjoy ( although very moderately), The Father Sun. Oh man, if that had an impact on how I felt about my other activities of my day! Mental patterns (passengers) don’t come alone, they bring on their little family of semantic events, changing one thing can have an effect on other things that don’t seem to be related.

The truth is that you have the power to invite whichever passenger you want to be influenced by. After all, we are all the time influenced by something, it is functional. The word “influence” comes from latin influere, from in- into, and fluere- to flow. Everything has a flow in this life, and you can choose how to manage your flow. Every moment is a chance to change the flow, even upon a different perspective everything can change drastically about how you perceive reality and the potential within your hands.

Thoughts, ideas, feelings, motives… are nothing more than passengers, choose the right passengers to the right destination as far as your sight can reach, and enjoy the ride!

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