It is said by Osho that once you met the outstanding poetry writer Khalil Gibran, he was quite a different man from the expression of his poems. What is this gap between the poet and his poetry? I personally have seen people who give you antidotes for enlightenment, but themselves seem to be trapped in attachments and ego barriers. I myself struggle to maintain purity of mind, as if I am bombarded by worldly desires all over the thin line of peace. Meditation, yeah thanx… I arrive to light almost every single time… but then I must walk life and hence boom!

It is said that Buddha would meditate for about an hour and then walk around the Bodhi tree where he attained enlightenment. He claimed this, “Sitting in order to be silent is easy, so I walk. But I carry the same silence within. I sit, but inside I am the same — silent. I walk, but inside I am the same — silent.”

Hence here the challenge to remain silent in the walk of life. Even attaining silence in meditation is not an easy thing to achieve, although it is readily available at any given time you decide to do it, it takes some time to build up a certain awareness to be able to reach that indescribably blissful silence. It is amazingly beautiful to get there during meditation.

A cost-free enlightenment solution: to sit, breathe, feel, flow, and light! It does make a tremendous difference in your walk of life, but nonetheless, the grace of light starts fading as soon as you step into life, turning the preacher the main character of the sinner story. I guess from a perspective it could be functional, as how can the preacher know about a sin he himself is not a victim of, and hence preach from an alive point of view. Although clean contemplation might as well scratch the source of light.

Spiritual Hypocrisy, I know what I believe and nonetheless I walk out of the path. Moral disagreement, I preach purity of mind but can’t stop mind contamination. Tantra encourages to walk life in permanent light, and it is claimed to be the shortest way to enlightenment, nonetheless it is quite a road. Ironically this light is available at every single instant for you to claim… It is kind of like: “youuu got a ticket to riiide…. you got a ticket to riiide, you got a ticket to ride… but you don’t care” (must go along with the beatles tune she’s got a ticket to ride).

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