Who is this crazy scary guy?! His name is Naraen Congo, believed to be Buddha’s guardian. There is an interesting metaphor mentioned by Joseph Campbell, that the gatekeeper guard holding you back from reaching Buddhahood is actually nothing but your self.

Seems like the longer we spend away from meditation, the stronger the barrier to meditate becomes. You might feel a little demon saying “NOO don’t do it…” as this would mean the end of his existence.

This opposing shadow refines the skills for deceiving us, and finds more attractive excuses to prevent us from awareness, like with a will of its own. Nonetheless one single return to the practice and reality can become crisp again. It doesn’t matter how long you spent in darkness, one single ray of light can break through; just like in the words of Tilopa,

The brilliant clear essence of the sun

Is not obscured by the darkness of a thousand eons.

Likewise, the clear light essence of one’s mind

Cannot be obscured by eons of samsara.

*Eons are large stages of Earth (e.g. Jurassic, Triassic, etc).

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