ceviche timbal

Ceviche is  a wonderful way  to cook without the heat that produces AGE(advanced glycation end) products that make you age prematurely. We had chef Justine Navarro visiting us, and she made this delicious treat for us.
INGREDIENTS :3  fillets of  a firm white fish cut into 0.5 cm squares
1  sweet red  bell  pepper diced into squares
1 spring onion with  green stalks  diagonally sliced (so much flavor in the green !)
The juice of 3 lemons one lime  and 2 mandarins
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
Radish sprouts to use sparingly on top.
Salt and Pepper to taste.

The fish is left to cook on the citrus juice acid for  a minimum of 20 minutes. The spring onions were drizzled with organic apple cider vinegar and left to marinade slightly
The spring onions bell peppers and  fresh ground pepper were added to the fish just before serving to keep the  raw goodness  and crunch of the bell peppers.
The sweet potato was cooked in  a pan with a little water and lid on to poach until tender  (This leftover over juice was the used later to add taste and more nutrients to an omelette) and then mashed with a fork to a consistent texture.
To make the timbal, ingredients were placed in a cup one by one then lightly slapped down on the plate.
The staked tower timbal is  then garnished with super food radish sprouts giving a little extra peppery kick.

Enjoy this and more anti-aging recipes at our Wellness Retreat Mexico


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