Without making an effort

but remaining loose and natural

This is Tilopa recipe to break the yoke and gain liberation. I have found these Buddhist principles useful in many things. “Do nothing with your body, but relax” he says, it doesn’t particularly mean to lay down and do nothing, but anything you do can be approached in such way. For example swimming, you have to be loose and natural otherwise you create unnecessary resistance against the water, you can even swim strong and still be loose and natural. The same happens with a mental task, such as writing, the moment you make an EFFORT to write, not the most fluent lines come out, they come out tense, if you are lucky enough not to get the writer’s block. In the Tantra philosophy (not particularly Tilopa’s) they talk about some winds and channels, and how these channels get tight, to be honest I thought this was just a bunch of baloney when I read it, until I was meditating three hours a day for a few months at some point it just made sensethe thing is that this realization is not possible to explain with accuracy, it just makes sense and that’s it. But a possible explanation for example is when you are being driven like a machine by the monkey mind, there is some tension in your body, most noticeable in the chest area where your breath starts constricting, you can think of the wind and channel as your breath’s ease of flow depending on the level of tightness in your chest. It is incredible how this can change your voice, perspective, habits, moderation of desires, and personality expression. Following the -loose and natural- principle can be your best tool in a casting audition, or in a business negotiation, as well for swimming, yoga, making love, writing, running, dancing, singing, breathing, and of course meditation. So, chill-out, and then think again.

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