<span class="big-letter">When I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus at age 12, my mother introduced me to the world of alternative medicine, meditation, and healing. It was in her quest for a cure that I journeyed many roads for health. After three years of good nutrition, countless healing seminars, naturalmedicine, combined with good quality orthodox medicine, it was achieved a rare case of complete non-medicated remission for almost two decades now, which only about 7% of all cases have the fortune to reach, even with today’s advanced medicine in the field. I earned a 200RYA on Hatha Yoga and specialized in restorative alignment at the Solstice Yoga Center. I studied the hollistic bodywork therapy program at the Green Mountain Institute in Portugal (www.internationalbodywork.com). I received an Associate of Science in Texas, and did an Event Management minor at the European School of Economics in Italy. I dedicate to study the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. I thrive on serving others and find profound meaning in doing so with a generous heart. I also participate in the local community with a leadership program for students. I co-founded the probiotic food company Bioticario in Playa del Carmen.