Mayan Sunset


Two of the main drives of human nature: to get pleasure, to avoid pain.

We might tap into meditation likely to avoid the pain of being unconscious through life, or to grasp bliss in instants of desire-less truth and absolute surrender.

Often we tend to rush towards the things that give us pleasure in such way that we forget to slow down the pace once we grasp it, and hence passes by so quickly we can barely taste it.

In meditation it is not the best option to rush towards samadhi/ mahamudra/ eudaimonia; as within the deepest surrender the light comes to shine almost instantly. Paradoxically surrendering is not what we have learned as to how to obtain something, but to fight. Hence the fight for enlightenment is encapsulated within surrender… go figure that funny thing!

Then upon surrender… ahh the bliss so good that makes my skin get goosebumps with chills all over my body and a sensation as if something is evaporating from my skin. The bliss so overwhelming that my body doesn’t feel like it can contain it and my eyes start shedding tears. Nothing matters in this one moment… everything just makes perfect sense.

One problem upon attaining is, the human drive of greed to own it, or either the fear to loose it… it instantly vanishes the light. This tricky mind!


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