maltese bruschettaThis great-tasting starter is usually served with crunchy unleavened type of Maltese bread, which is unfortunately known  for its high levels of mercury. So here it is “à la tostada” ! … Served on a crispy corn tortilla, gluten-free and oven baked.

You need 10 oval/ beef tomatoes left out of the fridge (tomatoes are more juicy when left out !)
 1 red onion  diced  left to cook for 10 -15 minutes in apple cider and balsamic takes away some of the harsh taste …
 3 gloves  of garlic  diced roughly  left raw. Raw garlic has the most beneficial anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and prebiotic properties.
 1/3 cup of capers and green olives diced roughly. This is a great tangy enhancement.
Heat the tomatoes for 4 minutes on low heat to make lycopene bioavailable.
 Mix together and  serve!
Maltese bruschetta 2
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