The path of least resistance

eddy w fish

It is a paradox the way life works its mysteries.

There is a gap between what you want, and the way your ego attempts to get what you want.

There is a very dangerous river in the city where I grew up where hundreds of people have drowned. They say the underneath currents create eddies and whirlpools that allow gravity to suck you down. The trick supposedly is, that instead of fighting and exhausting your energy, to let it suck you down after taking a deep breath, and when touching the bottom of it, it would expel you out.

Now, I don’t know if this is true and I find the theory a bit hard to prove to go dip in an international river and wait for an eddy to appear! That said, I believe that life sort of works somewhat like this. We are sometimes caught up in a relationship eddy, a job eddy, or an addiction eddy, where it seems that struggling with the current will save you. It takes to first acknowledge that you are caught up, as this lack of recognition contributes half of the problem between your situation and the solution. It is only a mental eddy, or whirlpool(!) that we fight with countless arguments and  good excuses. Let go to the mystery that might scare you, and paradoxically the mind whirlpool disappears together with any related issue.

Only at the base you can see the essence of the issue. Like a whirlpool, it looks much bigger on the surface than on its origin. Same with your resolution. It is often almost too simple to believe it, but hard to see from the surface.

It reminds me of playing chess. Thinking for several minutes about the right move, but when the move was done, within a second I could see something I was not able to when I was so intensely focused on it. In meditation the same thing occurs, when releasing an issue and surrendering is paradoxically what brings the resolution.

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