The way.

Our energy, the same internal drive that can construct, can also destruct. Just like the discovery of the formula e=mc2 that was not initially intended to create an atomic bomb initially in Einstein’s theoretical physics, the same way the direction that we track our energy onto will define our self-destruction, or a life with a trail of merit. Both to use our energy to destruct or construct causes pleasure, but foolish is the notion that all pleasure is good.

The pleasure to construct has a smooth feeling to it, a bit like a feeling of elation building up as you advance doing creative work. The destructive pleasure is, although pleasurable, more of an intoxicating one, it runs on an impulse that drives away your consciousness, it is extremely rare when it entails full awareness, as this is usually the immediate antidote against it, just try doing something wrong fully aware of it, and it ceases naturally.

Awareness in constructive pleasure lingers the feeling of elation and natural ecstasy. It is not so complicated to identify which way you are leading to, pausing for a deep breath ,you can feel the toxicity or the elation, disregarding the pleasure.

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