If you ever touch the bottom, remember the lessons…

After several months of high stress, I came to get sick with some mix of a cold, joint pain from a recent chikunguya, and low blood pressure headaches. The effects that stress can toll on you are well known, but I guess I never saw it with such an immediate response on my health. As soon as I tried to jump into long hours of computer work and doing meetings, and I started to completely collapse within 48 hours. The same thing happened the other way around, the more I remained stress free, the faster the recovery.

Before going to bed did meditation, noticing the reaction of my body upon turning on and off given thoughts with different stress sources, such as work, relationships, clients, workers, family, career, etc. The stronger the emotional connection with the stress source, the stronger I felt a toxic load pumping in the heart. Why the heart? My guess is that our circulatory system doesn’t have much sensitivity, besides for the heart where supposedly we even have neurons. Also I noticed how turning a thought on and off made it easier to turn it off at will.

The way a lesson can stick is by actually experiencing it on your own skin. Though I hope you can grasp the importance of the impact of your stress management not until you are touching the underground of your health. Nothing sucks more than being sick, you can have it all, but if you feel like crap chances are you are not gonna be a happy camper.

Try turning on and off any given thought, try different thoughts, and just observe what you feel. What does it take to turn them off? Can you switch easily?

… be the owner of your awareness.

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