Living unaware, a wrong view of the world can last a lifetime. Ironically one instant is enough to liberate you, and hence changing radically the way you perceive and approach life. Liberation comes in a loose and natural body, it does not reside in the -cling- but rather in absolute freedom contained only by awareness. Things are empty, we fill-in the meaning.

Our mind is usually so busy with many things that whenever our good judgement gets a call of duty we tend to be NUMB among our worldly concerns.  Hopefully we realize not too late in life that we own the freedom of giving things their meaning, or it will come like a slap in the face whenever it is too late. When by unconscious choice you pick to live a stressful life until your body cannot take it anymore and breaks down to an autoimmune disease or a mental illness.  You have the power ever-present, claim it.

There is something I read recently (rachellydialight) that hits home certainly in this sense “there is nothing engraved in our human DNA that says we need to live a stressful life”

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