The Riviera Maya


The Riviera Maya is considered one of the best travel destinations in the world. The Chichen Itza ruins receive around 1.2 million people yearly ever since it became one of the modern marvels of the world. The pyramids have an amazing architecture, for example they were built creating an acoustic system in which if you clap when you are close to the pyramid, you can hear the sound of a bird on the top. These among many other curiosities keep amazing its visitors. Our Riviera Maya wellness retreat is a top choice option for a life changing retreat.

The cenotes. The beach is eye captivating, but the cenotes around resemble like being in a little piece of heaven. They are natural formations where the filtration of rain water filters into large areas of limestone and starts disintegrating it until it becomes a hole filled with water, that eventually opens at the surface and creates what we could consider a natural swimming pool with some small fishes and enclosed by nature. Cenotes are partly surrounded by jungle or rock, sometimes with barely any direct sunlight. As well the depth of some of them can reach up to 50 meters or more, so the water is colder than in the Caribbean Sea. This temperature stimulates the circulatory and nervous system, plus the mineral content may give the feeling of being renovated after a swim. The Riviera Maya retreat is surrounded by an endless number of these pieces of heaven and our Mexico wellness retreat would not be complete without visiting such sacred places.

The Akumal beach is home of sea turtles that swim freely around. The depth of the water is 8 to 10 feet maximum, which makes it easier to see the turtles. The area is relatively virgin with only a few businesses since it not easy to find the beach access, nonetheless the lucky ones who can find it surely enjoy a swim with the friendly sea turtles. Our Mexico wellness retreat is delighted to visit Akumal and swim among these lovely creatures.

The parks XcaretXplore, and Xel-ha, are an alternative version of an amusement park, with nature activities such as zip lines, snorkeling, diving, stalactite river swimming, rafting, amphibious vehicles touring, archaeological zones, Mayan town show, dolphin swim, and temaxcal. If you dare to miss one of the days of the program in our Riviera Maya retreat and want to visit any of these parks, we could kindly arrange the logistics and gladly negotiate a discount for you. According to Orbitz, Xcaret is the top choice for tours and excursions on 2014, even on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Tulum has an archaeological zone right in front of the sea, settled there by the Mayans to receive the ships and doing commerce. The area in front of the beach has been kept preserved from any obscene construction of big resorts, and mostly there are only cottages and eco-friendly hotels around which preserves the beautiful landscape. This is considered the most sustainable place in the Riviera Maya.

The life changing retreats Riviera Maya are surrounded by choices of cultural activities, as well as endless nature adventures for you to enjoy your time at its best!



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