Massage encompasses a world of possibilities. Different massage approaches can be used to address different problems. At times, the muscle has tension that is referred from another point, or lack of elasticity in the fascia can tense a muscle. The best thing to do is explore what the problem really is and aim for the root of the issue, as opposed to merely trying to calm the effects and symptoms of the problem.

The main approach we use is a bodywork flow,-this makes each session a unique experience, as it is a spontaneous, living touch, the effects of which are instantaneous. The foundation is Swedish massage. It is paired with acupressure, myofascial massage, ayurvedic massage, reflexology, lymph drainage, trigger point therapy, neck release points, occiput work and deep tissue therapy, depending on individual needs.

To have a proper massage therapy is essential for the health retreat program. The mechanical force makes your lymphatic system work, also your muscles can release the accumulation of toxins, and it helps your body recover from the work exerted during the practice of yoga, plus the mystical effects that relaxation can bring to the strenght of out spirit.


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