The Wellness Retreats

Each wellness retreat consists of:
  • Nutritional Medicine Workshops: This is the specialty of our wellness retreats. We will teach how to make nutritious meals that also taste delicious. Just talking about diet is not enough to permanently change your eating habits. In our nutrition workshop we will teach you how to make medicine out of your meal without sacrificing flavor. Click here to see our MENU.
  • Daily Pranayama: Prior to yoga we will work on breath awareness, helping your yoga practice flow and practice your awareness.
  • Organic Food: We seek for the best local food on different markets and some specialty organic items we bring from the United States.
  • Lifestyle Coaching: Real change is not be possible without effective life coaching to discover patterns that hold you back from the best version of yourself.
  • Daily Restorative Alignment: We use a special prop (The BackMitra), to help restore the spine to its natural shape, promote flexibility of intervertebral disks and prevent injuries. This technique also loosens the tension in the shoulders and opens the chest.
  • Breath Expansion: This practices approaches intrinsic flexibility while working with the breath. Breath expansion promotes deep relaxation and helps develop flexibility during yoga in a passive and safe but effective way.
  • Health Coaching Sessions: Prior to your arrival we will review each person on a case-by-case basis. Throughout the duration of the wellness retreat, we will set up a comfortable time for you to review your current habits and develop effective improvements.
  • Daily Meditation: We will practice emotional intelligence exercises and different meditation techniques.
  • 75 minute therapy: Each evening we will choose from and combine integrative bodywork, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, anti-cellulite massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology and ayurvedic massage based on your individual needs
  • Accommodation: Choose from our locations in Puerto Aventuras and Playa del Carmen.


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